Hi there! I'm Julian Steinberg, the Electric Handyman.

I have been steeped in science and technology by virtue of familial influence and my own inclinations; I used my first computer, a DEC PDP 11, in 1975. I studied computer programming as a teen and learned I had a great facility for the operational implementation of computer systems - what today we call IT work.

In my 20's I worked in Silicon Valley, while making music and digital art on the side. In my 30's I worked full-time running a small IT consulting business and part-time as a struggling professional photographer. At 39 I discovered yoga and rock climbing.

After a period of travel, these new practices led me to the difficult craft of cobbling outdoor and climbing shoes. I was living on a friend's fixer-upper property at the time, and learning basic handicraft skills as well as cobbling. These ventures gave me confidence in my physical skills. Electrical work rose out of this confidence when I decided to re-wire the auxiliary systems in my van. Shortly afterwards, I assisted a professional electrician on several jobs, and enrolled in a community college program for electrical work. The Electric Handyman was born!

The Electric Handyman offers a unique fusion of services, focused on the home user, at the confluence of technology, telecommunications and simple residential electrical repairs. I excel at troubleshooting, small network installation, project management, and sales, and look forward to providing these services to you. Enjoy the site, and please contact me with any questions.

If you are interested in seeing my digital art portfolio, please click here.