The ElectricHandyman is a licensed c-10 electrical contractor.  We love to help home owners learn to do some work themselves, we are all about sharing knowledge and empowering all.

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The Electric Handyman knows that, first and foremost, computer and electrical systems have to work for the people who use them, not the other way around. I design your solutions around this crucial knowledge. Every business and every home is different, and l'll make sure that I truly understand your needs and that you truly understand your choices. I've been solving technical problems and managing/delivering solutions in the realms of information technology, and most recently, residential electrical, since 1990.

Most importantly, I like people. I enjoy working closely with customers, offering clear explanations and straightforward answers to go with technical expertise, and I stand on my reputation for integrity. I'll show up on time, get it right the first time, and won't sell you anything you don't need. This combination has produced satisfied clients, secure in the knowledge that their needs were fully met, and is one I am happy to offer to you. 


"It is bad when a company's computer systems stop working properly.  Julian kept our three computer system/network working from May 1998 to March 2007 for an average of $300 per year.  Pretty good price in my book, and Julian lowered my stress level even though there were times I wanted to throw the computers out the door! Thanks for being brave enough to face an angry (at computers) customer. It makes cobbling mountains and climbing shoes seem easy. "
--Dr. Bruce Dong, Optometrist

"Julian diagnosed the electrical circuits in my 1948 house, replaced wiring and installed new lighting after a complete remodel on one floor. He is enthusiastic, proactive, and communicative. Solid work and integrity at a competitive rate."

"I met Julian while at the Berkeley YMCA. He overheard me talking about my computer problems. His winsome manner and friendly enthusiasm convinced me to try his company's services. Now we have a stable and secure network with VPN remote access and security monitoring. My workload has gotten lighter since we now have such reliable back-end technology!"
--Xo Larimer, Vice President, Trafficware Corporation

"Julian did a fantastic job. It was a tough job requiring a lot of independent research and he took the challenge on. We live in a cell signal challenging location and depend on our connections to facilitate our working lives with children. Our signal has improved and Julian stood by each step, even advising us of not needing to over spend on hardware that had little marginal value. Great work!"
--Elliot A.

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